Here are some of the ways we are planning to raise money for our adoption.

Custom Crochet Lovey (here)06/08/21266.93
Farm Fresh Produce (here)06/08/21185.00
Candy (here)06/30/217.31
Kids Artwork (here)04/30/21118.74
Virtual Garage Sale (here)06/08/21669.88
The Lucky Few hanging earrings (here)02/28/211.10
Chop & Sell Firewood (here)03/31/211,290.00
Hat, Messy Bun - Beehive (here)02/28/2164.34
Hat, Messy Bun - Claire (here)03/01/2153.46
Hat, Beanie - Beehive (here)02/28/2135.73
Cup Cozy (here)
Bonfire Store (here)06/22/217.28
Sunflower Sale
Bake Sale
Lemonade Stand
Garage Sale04/30/21(410.86)
Car Wash
Dinner Fundraiser
Earth Day with Boon Supply (here)04/30/21169.20
Easter Egg Your Yard (here)02/14/21 - 04/03/21778.76
All For One Orphan Auction (here)04/30/21112.65
Socks for World Down syndrome Day (here)01/25/21 - 03/03/21240.00
Zelle Donations (here)06/30/212,100.00
Cash/Check Donations06/08/213,692.41
Reece's Rainbow FSP (here)
*Donations for purchases are not included, here. Funds not available until trip 1.
Grants (here)2,000.0016,500.00

100% of all donations will go towards the cost of our adoption. All funds received are considered donations and are not tax deductible.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. – James 1:27 NIV

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