Down Syndrome Awareness: Story

Down syndrome Awareness Month : Payton
Down syndrome Awareness Month : Payton
Down syndrome Awareness Month : Payton

Join us in October for Down Syndrome Awareness Month as families from our DSDN Birth support group share,
what they wish others knew about their child with Down syndrome.

Did you know 80% of babies with Down syndrome are born to moms less than 35 years old! The myth that it only happens to older moms is FALSE.

I turned 28 a few weeks before we got married. We never really thought that we’d have issues having kids. Once we began trying, it seemed as if all we did was fail. The reality was the plan for us, was just different than we expected. Through infertility treatments I conceived at the ages of almost 33, 35 and 37.

When we were trying to conceive Story, our doctor said the odds of us having a baby with Down syndrome increased a small percentage from when I was 35. I didn’t really thinking anything of it. I’m not sure if it was because I thought I was exempt from those odds or if it was because it didn’t matter.

Crazy enough our first treatment was a success. In the past it took round after round to conceive, so we were totally shocked with a positive pregnancy test. I’ve always declined prenatal testing in the past, just because I didn’t have any reason to do it. I chose to have it done this last time, because I wanted to know the sex of the baby. When the results came back we had no idea how lucky we were! I thank god every day for you, Story!💙💛

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